We describe the different economic facts that reflect the financial and economic situation of your company with the objective that the decision-making of senior management is timely and truthful.

"The power of imagination makes us infinite"

Monthly Preparation of Financial Statements

We develop the process of analysis, review and classification of the economic events of Companies, SMEs, independent professionals and Simplified Regime during a determined period and a given date, with the purpose of presenting in a rational and coherent way the aspects of the financial and economic situation. in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.

We carry out tax and fiscal advisory processes, we resolve your obligations with regard to the preparation, presentation of declarations and procedures that are carried out in the portal of the Ministry of Finance known as ATV (Virtual Tax Administration).

Audit and Internal Control

We rule on the reasonableness of the information shown in the Financial Statements of your company from the financial and operational point of view with the purpose of determining the accuracy of the accounting records.

Through Internal Control we offer your company an identification of the areas that require more attention in order to correct possible control leaks.

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